This website does not collect any personal data. It does not set any cookies and it does not use any third-party tracking scripts. No user analytics or other metrics are processed during your visit, and the server does not write any log files, which means your IP address is not stored anywhere.

Basically, it’s just a free piece of content, no strings attached.

# Secure Data Transfer

This website transmits itself using HTTPS, encrypting all data between the browser and the server. Your network provider may still be able to see that you are loading files from this site, but not their content. This also protects you from third parties intercepting data e.g. while browsing on public WiFi, or network providers injecting ads into this site.

# Webmentions

This website implements Webmentions, a form of content interaction on the web. Other systems may send webmentions to this site, whenever a resource (like an article or note) on this website is linked to. This includes:

  • Content published on other blogs that contain such a link
  • Tweets published on Twitter that contain such a link
  • Replies and comments made on a tweet that contains such a link

Incoming webmentions are handled as a request to comment on a piece of content, and can be included on this website. A webmention can include your personal data, provided you have made that data publicly visible on your website or social media profile. Webmentions can include:

  • Your username (may be your real name)
  • Your profile picture
  • The webmention source URL (may be your own site or a tweet)
  • The content of your comment or reply

The processing of incoming Webmentions is based on the legitimate interest to enable interaction with the readers of this website (Art. 6(1) lit. f GDPR), following the design intention of the Webmention protocol.

If your personal data was published in a webmention, you may at any time demand the removal of it from this website. To do so, please notify me and point me to the entry in question.

# Responsible Data Controller

Apurv Mishra
3/8 College Wynd
203 Cowgate

If you have any questions or concerns about this,
please contact me at

Version: 2019-01-23